Wine tasting (Degustation)

We also would like to welcome you to our stylish representative cellar that is there to turn the degustation of our wine into a much more enjoyable and engaging experience. We offer wine tasting with professional commentary on all kinds of grapevine varieties for groups of 10 people per tasting and the cellar’s capacity is approximately fifty people.

During wine tasting you are presented with 7 quality wines with attributes including professional explanation and refreshments such as (cheese, bread and apples)

It is also possible to order full meals as part of wine tasting such as party food and platters, home made specialties (the butcher’s dish, rousted duck with “lokše – they are thin pancakes made out of potato dough”) and many others. Accommodation facilities are also available for 12 people in our apartments that are decorated with high-quality stylish furniture and equipped with the latest technology right in the cellar’s house.

In case our wine tasting facilities are appealing enough, please contact us for further information at or use the following available phone numbers in the contact part of the website.