About the company

The village Dvory nad Žitavou is situated on the north-east part of Danube lowlands on the left side of the river Žitava bank approximately 5 miles east from the town Nové Zámky. We belong to the Southern Slovakia Vinery Region also called as Strekovský Vinohradnícky Subregion. At present here at our vinery in Dvory nad Žitavou we cultivate 117 hectares of vineyards from which most part of the harvest is processed locally with an average production of 450 thousand litters of quality single varietal wine and quality wine with attribute. The rest of the grape harvest is for sale for well-known vintners all around Slovakia. We focus to strive for absolute, unrelenting quality to produce varietal wine where meticulous vineyard management to grow the best fruit is the basic condition. Grapevine growing in Slovakia is protected by integrated production. Integrated production is a guarantee of quality and ecological grapevine growing that is reflected in the quality of wine production and its influence on the environment. Among the most commonly grown white varieties we grow Devín, Chardonnay, Irsai Oliver, Müller Thurgau, Rulandské biele, Rulandské šedé, Rizling vlašský, Rizling rýnsky, Sauvignon, Tramín červený and Veltlínske zelené. Among the most commonly grown black varieties especially we grow varieties such as Alibernet, Cabernet Sauvignon, Frankovka modrá, Rulandské modré, Svätovavrinecké, André and Zweigeltrebe.

Our business activities are constantly being developed in organizing tours and wine tastings upon request also on lettings especially our cellar for business trainings, workshops and various other events such as weddings, anniversaries and company team buildings. As part of agricultural tourism we are currently preparing an exhibition of the Saint Urban chapel. Urban is the patron saint of all those who work in the wine industry, which is situated in the middle of the vineyards as a historical monument from history in the reign of Maria Theresa.


Wines have accomplished a lot of outstanding awards and medals on various exhibitions nationally and internationally.

We invite you to our scenic property of Vinery and Vineyard in Dvory nad Žitavou to experience the tranquil vineyard. In case you have been tempted by our young & fruity wines of different styles please do not hesitate to contact us.

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