Wine production

Wine production and vinery is more like a mission for us rather than just work. It all comes down to attitude and care especially in vineyard management, technology, space and matured wine all year around.

ÉÓS vine production

It is a great pleasure on behalf of our company to introduce you to our new collection of labeled still wines ÉÓS that come from our own estate vineyards and cellars. The whole production lies in a connection of traditions and modern technology, art and the indispensable gift of a vintner.

The final quality of the product is also underlined by the position that the vineyard is situated at. To produce the ÉÓS wine we use grapes exceptionally from vineyard hill areas only that are situated in the regions of villages such as (Branovo, Semerovo and Dvory nad Žitavou). These regions are a part of the southern vinery region, which belongs to the hottest and sunniest vinery regions in Slovakia.

Grapes from clean single varietal planting with the best possible quality achieved are processed immediately after harvest.

To produce the ÉÓS we use must from the free-run juice and must from the first part of pressing so that the liberation would not exceed 65%. This part of the must we treat separately and we let it to mature at least for a year. The final result of obtained wine is a southern region type of a wine with less acid, sparkly and especially the red ones have more saturated colors.


Eos or Eós (in Greek Éós) is an ancient goddess of dawn. In Roman mythology her counterpart was Aurora (they were both goddesses of dawn).